Escape Corporation

Can you solve the puzzles? Can you find the key? Can you find a way to escape from the rooms?

Get ready to play Escape Corporation!

Do you love playing room escape game?
If you do, you should try this challenging room escape game!

Escape Corporation provides rooms for everyone who loves room escape game to test their code breaking skill.
Each room provided by Escape Corporation brings its own unique theme, such as Warehouse, Mirror Room, Ruins, and many more.
Escape a room and you’ll gain access to the next room, 12 free rooms available at the moment.
Find useful items and use them to help you escape from the rooms!
Solve the challenging and brain teasing puzzles!

Feel the different atmosphere in different room.
Each room has its unique theme and differs from another room.

Enjoy the relaxing and lovely graphics while you’re looking for a way to escape from the room.

Each puzzle is unique and become more challenging throughout the rooms.
Each room has its unique puzzles and tricky way to solve them.

Download and try POLYESCAPE now for free!