Gold Hunter – Sliding Puzzle Game

Are you ready for the hunt? Slide and collect all the golds.

Get ready for hunting the golds.
Gold Hunter is a tile-based puzzle game with a simple set of rules.
Challenge your logic and strategic thinking in this innovative sliding puzzle game.

Swipe the screen to move your character.
Guide your character to collect all the golds from each level.
Watch out! Don’t fall into the hole!
Learn what each tile and object does throughout the levels.

Gold Hunter will test your puzzle solving skill through 200 tile-based levels.
Think ahead and plan your moves before you start to slide your character.
Move across the maze and make a creative use of the objects.

There’s no time limit and you can make as many moves as you want.
Stuck in a puzzle? A step by step walkthrough is ready to help you solve the puzzle.
Make a mistake? Just tap on the undo button to undo your last move.

Download GOLD HUNTER now and slide your way to reach the golds.