Math Sticks

Fun way to play with matchsticks

Have you ever been challenged by your friend to solve a riddle?
Your friend put some matchsticks on the table and start arranging the matchsticks to form some numbers.
And finally those matchsticks form a mathematical equation.
But that mathematical equation is not correct, and your friend challenge you to fix the equation by moving just one or two of the matchsticks.
You think and try some moves, and then you figure out the solution.

Now you can play MATH STICKS and solve hundreds of math puzzles with matchsticks.
Train your mental calculation in a fun way.
Challenge yourself and your friends to fix the mathematical equations.
Drag and move the matchsticks and find the solution for each equation.
Figure out what numbers can be formed by the provided matchsticks.
Experience various levels of difficulties.
Solve the riddles with various mathematical operations.

* 4 available mathematical operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
* 500 levels available at the moment
* Use hint by spending some coins if you are stuck
* Claim free coins every day to help you solve the riddles.