Polyescape – Escape Game

Polyescape offers unique and challenging room escape game!

Experience escape game in a relaxing yet challenging way.
Explore this beautifully designed 3-D escape game.
Look around the room and find something useful to help you escape.
Look for the clues, look for the items, and look for the exits.
Pay attention to every details found in the room, think outside the box, and solve the puzzles.

Challenge your mind to break the enigmatic codes.
Solve the tricky puzzles that are uniquely designed.
Find useful items, combine, dismantle, and use the items to help you escape from the rooms.

* Easy Tutorial to follow
* Basic Pack with 10 free levels
* Purchase Extra Pack for 10 extra levels
* Auto-save your game progress for each room and continue whenever you want
* Unique room themes
* Challenging and tricky puzzles

Download and try POLYESCAPE now for free!